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  • Aztlan Athletics is an established sustainable special events company that has been mission-driven since 1976.
  • It is a privilege to be the operating partner of Griffith Park Run Half Marathon & 5K with the Los Angeles Parks Foundation.
  • Mission: The mission of the Los Angeles Parks Foundation is to enhance, expand, preserve, and promote public parks, recreation, and open space for the diverse people of Los Angeles. Our signature initiatives include our Adopt-A-Park, Friends of the Parks, and Los Angeles Park Forest programs.
  • Overview: The Los Angeles Parks Foundation was founded in 2008 to enhance, expand, and preserve public parks, recreation, and open space for over 4 million Angelenos. The Los Angeles Parks Foundation oversees 450 city parks and supports public budgeting by establishing public/private partnerships that generate revenue for enhancements that the city is unable to offer through limited municipal funding. Since its founding, The Los Angeles Parks Foundation has raised over $38 million to fund capital projects, programs and initiatives that improve access to public parks and recreation for underserved communities, promote environmental sustainability, and preserve our public parks for future generations.
  • For More Information, please visit
  • Phone (310)-472-1990
  • Email:
  • 2650 N. Commonwealth Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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