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Note: In order to benefit from full exposure from the event, the earlier you submit the company media assets the better. Refer to the sponsorship packet for further deadline submission.

    - To make it on the t-shirt, logos must be submitted 4 weeks prior to the day of the event.
    - To make it to the event day signage, logo assets must be submitted two weeks prior to the event.
    - To make it to the Save The Date media and website, a logo must be submitted 4 months prior to the event.
    - To make it to the mass media publication, a logo must be provided 2 weeks prior to the event day.
    For more details on exposure based on sponsorship position, refer to the sponsorship packet.
    Please refer to logo file guidelines on LINK and send your logo to info@aztlanathletics.org


Thank you to our 2023 Sponsors!

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